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Economic Development

To address the needs of local government leaders, Schafer Consulting, in collaboration with Oracle, has developed an economic development solution through digital engagements. This solution, which combines Oracle’s marketing cloud technology platforms and Schafer’s public sector expertise, offers the following…

Our Solution Delivers:

Advanced data services to expand our client's target business network and segment their target marketing audience

State-of-the-art marketing and outreach services to develop sales campaigns to these customers across all channels (email, social, SMS, web, etc.)

Personalized online services to customize service to citizens/businesses

Online community and customer support to expand and nurture existing customer relationships

Communications tools that come in sixteen different languages

Case Study – How Effective is your economic development strategy?

Schafer Consulting, working directly in conjunction with Oracle Corporation, has created a solution to aid cities and counties with their economic development efforts. With over a decade’s experience working exclusively in the public sector, we know how cities and counties work on a day-to-day basis. Combining state-of-the-art marketing campaign/outreach systems with social media management/monitoring systems, our digital engagement solution can bring your organization into the forefront of communication channels in the 21st century, and improve communications with citizens, businesses in the area, potential businesses you would like to attract, and even tourists from out of town. Full integration with Dun and Bradstreet’s commercial database expands your business network. It is a cloud-based solution, eliminating the need for large-scale IT infrastructure, and replaces the need for large capital expenditures with manageable monthly fees. For more information, click on this link to check out our Economic Development Solution Brochure.

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Water Conservation Management

Global climate change has caused unexpected weather patterns across the nation, including drought, flooding, El Niño, and extreme temperatures. In response to Governor Brown’s declaration of a drought emergency in May of 2015, we have jointly developed a water conservation management solution with Oracle and Valor Water for California water utilities. Our solution targets improvement of conservation efforts, utilizes digital engagement tools for customer outreach and education, and provides the ability to measure the effectiveness of conservation programs.

What We Deliver:

A robust, cloud-ready, business intelligence and communication service, designed specifically for water conservation management

Leading edge analytic capabilities to target high impact customer segments, with numerous executive dashboards

Customer portal with a search-friendly knowledge base and virtual assistance, which streamlines support and reduces incoming calls

State of the art outreach and communication tools to facilitate customer interactions

Compliance reports to monitor program effectiveness, Return on Investment, and progress and evaluation for individual and groups of customers

Implementation by industry award winning partners with water utilities expertise

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In partnership with Oracle, we offer a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services designed specifically for the public sector. We welcome the opportunity to share information about our digital engagement solutions.


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