About Us

Schafer Consulting is an industry thought leader on advising local governments on technology solutions. We have been a trusted service provider for over 100 public sector organizations since 1999.

Focus On Government

The primary focus of our business is delivering practical, cost-effective solutions for business and administrative challenges to local government agencies, including counties, cities, transportation agencies, water districts and school districts. We build on a shared purpose with our clients to integrate our analysis, recommendations and implementation into cohesive, high-impact services. Our clients view us as a partner becausewe deliver what we promise – and we are committed to achieving their expectations.

Public Sector Modernization with Demonstrated Record of Objectivity

Within our technology advisory practice, we have chosen to focus on a core set of technology services that enable us to provide objective advice to clients as a credible advisor. To deliver these services, we have invested significantly to build an established proprietary methodology based on the leading industry standards as well as a talented pool of professionals.

Tested Methodologies Based Upon Industry Leading Practices

Our ERP advisory methodology; derived from the value delivery framework, is based on experience gathered from other similar organizations and on industry standards.

Schafer Services Overview

At Schafer Consulting, we clearly understand the challenges facing most local governments as our vertical market is 100% focused on the public sector. Our extensive experience guiding public sector in their business and technology challenges has provided us with an expert understanding of the unique environment in which government agencies operate, and the skills to address the complexities of their ecosystem.

Featured Case Study

How effective is your economic development strategy?

To address the needs of local government leaders, Schafer Consulting, has developed an economic development solution through digital engagements. This solution, which combines Oracle’s marketing cloud technology platforms and Schafer’s public sector expertise, offers:

  • Advanced data services
  • State-of-the-art marketing and outreach services
  • Personalized online services
  • Online community and customer support
  • Multi language communications tools and many more
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